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Expand Your Telehealth Audience

We bring the right patients and revenue to you!

Become a ClarityHLTH Partner

Clarity Health is the first and only Telehealth search engine and leading aggregator of telehealth services, and we want to partner with you.

Let's talk if you are in the Telehealth business and want to expand your reach.

What Type Of Partner Are You?


Integrated Partner

We help connect patients faster by integrating API for direct payment and real-time scheduling.

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Affiliate Partner

We submit fully informed leads to your website, ready to become your patients.


Advertising Partner

We help patients discover your business or product by placing it on top of the search or on banners.

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Why Join the ClarityHLTH Partner Program?

Clarity Health is a Telehealth ecosystem platform that helps Telehealth companies acquire new clients and build more valuable relationships with them. Our features bring clients and revenue to you—clients who are well-informed about your offer and willing to become lifelong customers.

What Does The ClarityHLTH Partner Program Bring to You?

ClarityHLTH is a collaborative partner providing Telehealth companies with a place to share and promote their business, addressing the personalized demands of patients. As a committed partner, we accelerate patient conversion by mitigating the customer intake process, decreasing patient abandonment, and providing customized solutions.
Partnering with ClarityHLTH will Help You:

Decrease customer acquisition cost

Drive revenue

Establish customer loyalty

Increase customer satisfaction

Improve profit margin

Place Your Telehealth Company At The Top Of Our Search

Our Affiliate and Integrated partners always stand out above the other search results. They are emphasized by their position and appearance, bringing more attention and opportunity to be visited by qualified customers.

As part of our strict policy, we evaluate the quality of services each Telehealth company provides, giving you an extra boost in trustworthiness.

Get Results with ClarityHLTH


Time saved in acquiring new qualified customers


Increase in partner revenue


Decrease in cost associated with acquiring new customers

Join the Telehealth Brands that Partner with ClarityHLTH

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Expert guidance for all telehealthcare concerns. Hundreds of solutions in one place - evaluated, compared, and personalized.

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