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About Us

We are a family of pioneers who make lifelong connections between patients and telehealth service providers.

ClarityHLTH Perspective

We gather all Telehealth companies in one place. We make it straightforward for consumers and Telehealth Company providers to connect, making the best possible match of the needs and services offered.

The Clarity Health platform personalizes the online healthcare experience, saving patients time and money to optimize online visits.

We understand and recognize the importance of searching smarter and saving time regarding online care and telemedicine.

ClarityHLTH Core Values

We aim to bring telehealth consumers and providers together and create meaningful matches. We seek to build life-long relationships that provide the most significant benefit to both patients and providers.

Our vision is to become a starting point for anyone searching for trusted telemedicine or telehealth solutions for online health and its online treatment. This way, ClarityHLTH can offer the best online solution for our visitors' health needs.

Our culture focuses on providing consumers with clarity, transparency, and validation. We follow these principles internally, with our partners and the public. You'll not see ClarityHLTH recommend any Telehealth company or platform that we don't believe is in the best interest of our visitors.

Healthcare is personal. It's about people, not profits. We started ClarityHLTH to provide clarity behind those who deliver Telehealth, putting the care back into telehealthcare.

Why We Built ClarityHLTH

Clarity Health was built to illuminate and educate the world of Telehealth for consumers, intending to shine a light on the best telemedicine/telehealth platforms and companies to meet individual consumer needs.

We recognized that the crowded telehealth industry needed organization, categorization, and clarification. So, we set forth to build a consumer-friendly telehealth platform for all Telehealth companies and their services in one place so consumers could quickly personalize their online health experience.

No more hunting blindly through hundreds of options, not knowing what you'll get. We verify every telehealth company's credentials so you can be confident you're connecting with licensed professionals, HIPAA-compliant platforms, and Legit Script Certified companies. Through our thorough vetting process, we weed out the scams, identify certifications, and highlight only those Telehealth companies that yield authentic reviews so you can trust our recommendations.

With ClarityHLTH, finding the right Telehealth Company or provider is simple, transparent, and tailored to your unique needs.

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